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Why is Instagram and Snapchat so Addictive

A picture of a student scrolling through social media and NOT writing their article.

Ethan J., Reporter

March 5, 2020

Many people around the world that own a phone have certain apps that they enjoy using in their free time. Whether it is an IOS or Android device, people find a way to use their phones in their free time. Although there are many addictive apps in the app store, there are two apps that most kids and adu...

New IOS 11.3

The Logo of IOS 11

Karis C., Editor - Sci/Tech

April 24, 2018

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone in an iPad has recently been available to buy and has a lot more features than expected. However, whether a person’s interest lies on reality, cute Anemoji, or just a way to keep up with Apple’s new devices, there’s something in this update that will pique ...

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