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Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Jerry S., Editor June 6, 2022

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter for 44 billion dollars.    Like almost all things on the internet, onestake on certain topics determines their political views. A lot of political based opinions...

Stephen Wilhite, the Creator of GIF, has Died

Stephen Wilhite, the Creator of GIF, has Died

Cesar F., Reporter May 24, 2022

    Despite the fact that GIFS have been around for quite a while, it's easy to say that they’re like emojis. Both share sentiments through messages but are more sensitive than emojis since they have...

a diagram of things that have to do with the internet

Should the Internet Be Censored?

Jameson X., Reporter May 18, 2022

As the world continues to develop through the means of technology. People have been wondering if being able to post something online and instantly spreading information - whether it be false or true -...

A bunch of blocks that show social media apps

Does Social Media Normalize Hateful Behavior?

Stephurie A., Editor May 18, 2022

Now more than ever, social media has become a major influence on today's youth. Social media isn’t always a terrible thing to be influenced by, as it may help people learn or explore new things, get...

A sign about cancel culture

Is Cancel Culture Good for Society?

Muirelle P, Reporter May 18, 2022

Bombarding social media platforms, and stampeding through the digital world, this modern form of ostracism has ended careers and ruined lives. Whether this phenomenon is detrimental or beneficial to society...

An image of the infamous Backrooms-, which is said to have an unsettling vibe.

The Backrooms: Cultural Phenomenon Explained

Baylor R., Reporter May 9, 2022

Picture this: You’re walking home from a hard day at work. It’s 11:00 PM. You take the metro home as life in the city bustles around you. Nothing is out of the ordinary. You take a step up the stairs...

Satellites play an essential role in providing people with access to the internet.

Sending Internet into Space

Lauren N., Reporter October 29, 2019

Even the thought of people going into space was impossible in the 1950s, but that all changed the moment that Yuri Gagarin went into space. From there, satellites and spacecraft have only gotten better...

The logo of an upcoming internet series called Meta Runner.

Upcoming Internet Series: Meta Runner Season 1

Evan W., reporter April 11, 2019

Luke Lerdwichagul, also known as SuperMarioGlitchy4 (SMG4 for short), is an animation director with a Youtube channel. He is most recognized for making Super Mario 64 parodies, using SM64 and Gmod (Garry’s...

Animals on Instagram

Animals with Instagram Accounts

Allen E. December 19, 2018

Many people of this generation have downloaded the popular social media app, Instagram. Most use it to update people on their life by showing pictures of where they are or posting messages that describe...

Memes are dying!

Article 13- The DEATH of the Internet

Colin M., Co-Editor-in-Chief December 17, 2018

This September the European Parliament voted in favor of article 13, a new law aimed to update copyright laws for the internet. It makes platforms such as Youtube, as well as social media outlets such...

Wires connected to a computer.

The Internet

Kyle W., Assistant Editor June 7, 2017

The Internet has changed our life upside down. It has changed communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred use of communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet. For instance,...

Cats taking over the internet

Cats taking over the internet

Beth G. , Reporter October 4, 2016

Everybody loves the hilarious things cats do. We have many cat celebrities all over the internet such as “Grumpy Cat” and “Venus”. These cats are famous because of their unique look and attitude....

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