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Burger King’s Meat-Free Impossible Whopper

Burger King is releasing a 100% meat free burger that tastes exactly like the original.

Bryan W., Reporter

May 29, 2019

To some, when they hear the word burger they only think of a bun with a beef patty but there are many different versions. One example is the veggie burger that is entirely plant-based. To some, the idea of a veggie burger is disgusting but now veggie burgers are getting much better. There is currently...

The Impossible Whopper

Burger King recently came out with a completely meat-free burger.

Jonathan Y., Reporter

May 22, 2019

America eats too much meat. Everyone knows that. A study shows how an average American ate around 270.7 pounds of meat in a single year. That approximates to an average of 3 hamburgers a day! Luckily, Burger King has it all figured out. The all new Impossible Whopper provides a way to control the extreme di...

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