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Actor Angelina Jolie is a powerful activist

Actors Who Are Activists

Julia W., Editor June 9, 2022

From singers to actors, there are many celebrities who are strong activists and work to make a difference in the world. Using their fame for good, Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie stand in the spotlight...

Media representation is a form of equality.

The Importance of Media Representation

Noelle W., Editor February 1, 2022

Media intake is inevitable. It creeps its way into our lives daily, whether it’s through advertisements, news, books, or social media. But the one branch in the industry that might be seen the most is...

Why Recycling is Important

Why Recycling is Important

David F., Reporter December 13, 2016

Most people know what recycling is, but haven’t actually thought of doing it. People throw away bottles, cans, and bags without knowing it can be recycled. Recycling is good for the planet because it...

Why Sleep is So Important

Why Sleep is So Important

Allison M., Reporter December 6, 2016

Sleep is much more important than most people think. Not only does it provide someone with the necessary energy to keep them active throughout the day, but improves overall health and wellbeing. When sleeping,...

Why Video Games Are Important

Why Video Games Are Important

Jalen T., Reporter December 6, 2016

Video games are really great. Many kids around the world either have a device that they play videogames on, or want one. Video games are important because disabled people that can’t exercise may still...

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