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Underground Cigarette Factory Discovered in Malaga, Spain

A cigarette that has not been smoked yet that the factory made.

Ryan S., Reporter

March 12, 2020

Recently, an underground cigarette factory, found four meters beneath a horse stable in Malaga, Spain, was raided by The Spanish Civil Guard, Europol, and various officials from Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom.  Following the incursion, over three million cigarettes, among other drugs, such ...

Should Texting While Walking Be Banned

A child using his phone while walking on the streets.

Ethan Y., Editor

March 11, 2020

It is widely well known that texting while driving is illegal in many places because it has resulted in many fatal and disastrous accidents caused by the distraction of the drivers. It is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Six million car accidents occur every year in this nation...

Should Smoking and Vaping be Illegal?

Smoking and vaping can be detrimental to a person's health.

Gavin A., Reporter

October 8, 2019

Many teens and adults alike in the United States have some addiction to smoking and vaping. Little do they know that their favorite stress reliever causes lung cancer and even death. The United States government should ban these compelling substances before they affect the lives of more American citi...

Is it Wrong to Use Animals in Zoos and Circuses?

Is it Wrong to Use Animals in Zoos and Circuses?

Reese M., Reporter

May 22, 2019

For centuries, people have been abusing the rights of animals in zoos and circuses. Performers have been keeping innocent animals in captivity and forcing them to do stuff for entertainment. Zoos and Circuses are not benefiting the society in any way but is failing to provide animals with the respec...

The Only Treatment For This Baby’s Epileptic Seizures Was Illegal

A crying baby

Karis C., Editor

May 9, 2018

Huntingburg, Ind. - A poor two year old child named Jaelah Jerger has epilepsy, and her little body is attacked by about 30 seizures a day. Epilepsy, or seizure disorder, is a brain injury that can cause a person to experience abnormal behavior, sensations, symptoms, and even loss of consciousness. Jae...

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