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The Process of Memory

The Process of Memory

Quyen N., Editor June 3, 2022

    Memory plays an important role in everyday life; whether it is reminding one of that upcoming assignment, or the name of that tasty restaurant. Memory defines. It makes one who they are. Although...

A black cat

What are superstitions?

Jaden L., Reporter December 13, 2021

Starting centuries ago, humans have always believed in superstitions, or also known as supernatural happenings. These wildly popular paranormal beliefs can be anything from not crossing the street if you...

Hot Coffee

What does Coffee do to the Human Body?

Vincent K., Reporter December 17, 2020

Most people think coffee keeps people awake or can stunt growth. Well, that's partially true. Some coffee definitely can keep people up at night, but there is no factual evidence of coffee stunting growth....


Is the Rise of Technology Harmful for Future Generations?

Charis P., Editor - Food and Travel November 8, 2017

Over the years, technology has evolved drastically. Now, it plays a prominent role in modern society and most people can’t go a day without it. The news constantly talks about technology in some type...

A person holding a young monkey.

Oldest Human Known To Man Found?

Christopher Y., Reporter June 7, 2017

    Many scientists believe that the oldest member in the line of human evolution was found in Africa, but the first known species of early humans were found in Europe. KMS student, Ethan...

The Saccorhytus Coronarius, which is your early human ancestor.

This primitive, bag-like sea creature is our early human ancestor?!

Daisy K. , Editor February 15, 2017

Our past as humans used to be shrouded in mystery, leaving theories, speculation, and debate rampant within the scientific community about our origins and how we evolved to fit into the Earth’s system....

via New Scientist.

The Most Revolutionary Inventions

Arjun P. , Assistant Editor January 31, 2017

Humans, by far, are the most intelligent species ever to roam the planet. Ever since their very  first invention, we have come to invent some far more amazing, even some incomprehensible inventions. And...

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