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Quarter 4 Success

Tips For Being Successful in Quarter Four

Isabelle P., Reporter June 8, 2022

With the third quarter just ending, grades have been entered into Aeries, and report cards become finalized. Whether they be average, exceptional, or below average, these grades showcase the student’s...

Child working on homework.

Does Homework Help or Hurt Students’ Academic Growth?

Andrew H., Reporter January 22, 2018

The thing that all students dread about school the most is homework. The purpose of homework is to help students learn more about a certain topic that they are currently learning in class. However, many...

Someone doing their homework on Halloween

Why There Should Be No Homework on Halloween

Charis P., Editor October 26, 2017

Halloween. The holiday for friends and families to go and enjoy company with one another while going door-to-door asking people for candy. It’s the holiday where kids get to enjoy having a sugar overload...

How Homework Benefits Students

How Homework Benefits Students

Joseph P., Editor January 17, 2017

Almost all students are assigned homework on a daily basis. However, not all of them enjoy or think much of their homework. On the topic of homework, many questions arise, such as why do some students...

Too Much Homework?

Too Much Homework?

Regina J., Reporter October 3, 2016

After a long day of classes, tests, assignments, and reading, you almost always have to go home to, even more, assignments, reading, and studying! Homework can take up to about two or more hours of your...

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