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Are Hollywoods actions justified?

Does Hollywood ‘Whitewash’ Its Films?

Maria B., Reporter February 8, 2022

Ever since Hollywood began releasing films in 1910, there have been several controversial castings in which white actors played the role of non-white characters. In the past, Hollywood was able to get...

Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Hollywood Creates SUPER NINTENDO WORLD

Pedro G., Reporter October 18, 2021

All Nintendo lovers who live in America will get their chance to see the Mushroom Kingdom come to life.  Universal Studios will soon open its new exhibit in Hollywood. Nintendo fans will be able to see...

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Golden Globes

Jason M., Reporter January 23, 2018

Harassment accusations that have recently rocked Hollywood and many other industries, threatened to overshadow this year’s Golden Globes awards ceremony.   From Oprah’s inspirational speech to Seth...

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

Lance Y., Editor January 16, 2018

James Christian Kimmel also known as Jimmy Kimmel is a light hearted comedian and host. Jimmy was born on November 13, 1967 and is currently 50 years old. Jimmy kimmel grew up to be one of the most famous...

 plastic surgery sign

Stars Whose Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

Jewlyssa M., Assistant Editor November 28, 2017

When stars want a face lift or a new look, they often turn to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery. It is done to enhance the appearance of one’s body, but when plastic surgeries...

horror picture

How Horror Movies are Taking Over Hollywood

Angie M., Editor November 28, 2017

The genre of horror has been around for awhile now. From subtle and disturbing ideas to downright terror, horror films are bound to get one’s heart racing. While it be from fear or excitement, or both,...

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