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Chocolate originated from Mexico.

History of Chocolate

Chelsea C., Reporter June 10, 2022

Ever wonder who invented chocolate or where it comes from? Chocolate was originally from Mexico, and its history began in Ancient Mesoamerica back, 4,000 years ago. There is where the first cacao plants...

TV Dinners rose to popularity thanks to the Swanson company

The Rise of TV Dinners

Nicholas T., Reporter June 7, 2022

In 1925, the Brooklyn-born inventor Clarence Birdseye engineered a machine capable of freezing packaged fish that would eventually reinvent the storage and preparation of food. Fast forward 20 years later,...

Over the years, sushi has grown in popularity all over the world, including the US.

History of Sushi

Michelle S., Editor June 7, 2022

Sushi's past is shrouded in stories and folklore, as is the case with many old dishes. According to an old Japanese wives tale, an elderly woman began hiding her pots of rice in osprey nests, worried that...

Rick Astley in the music video for hit song Never Gonna Give You Up

The History of Rickrolling

Muirelle P, Reporter May 27, 2022

Rick Astley’s 21st-century revival of the forgotten 80s hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” manifested itself into one of the most popular internet memes. The infamous beginning drum beats and 80s synths...

An image from the historical musical Hamilton.

Musicals That Make History Fun

Ivanna M., Reporter May 26, 2022

The world of history is a truly interesting place. A place filled with stories that range from dark tales to uplifting recaps. For many people, required learning about history can be incredibly boring...

An image of a guitar.

History of the Guitar

Quyen N., Editor May 24, 2022

 The guitar is one of the most popular, widely used instruments in the world. Known by many, this stringed instrument is commonly equipped by multiple composers in their songs. Since this stringed instrument...

Classic fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood were much darker before being revised by the Brothers Grimm.

The Dark Origins of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Emma W., Editor May 9, 2022

Fairy tales are all very well-known children’s stories. Tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are some of the first stories that children hear, filled with magic, wicked stepmothers,...

A Chinese tea plantation

History of Tea

Jerry S., Editor April 25, 2022

Over thousands of years, tea has spread across multiple cultures. One of the earliest tea drinking traditions can be traced back to China's Shang dynasty, during which tea was consumed as a medicinal beverage....

An image of the desolate Bodie Ghost Town, with tourists roaming about.

Bodie Ghost Town

Michelle S., Editor April 19, 2022

Bodie State Historic Park is a gold-mining ghost town in California. Visitors get to stroll through the lonely streets of a town that once swelled with almost 10,000 residents. Waterman S. Body (William...

A statue of the famed Mongolian ruler, Genghis Khan, at an exhibition.

Who was Genghis Khan?

Oscar L., Reporter April 19, 2022

Genghis Khan, born in 1162 as Temujin, was a powerful Mongolian ruler and conqueror. After his father’s death, Temujin and his family were exiled from their tribe. He was even captured as a slave in...

France playing rugby

The History of Rugby

Muirelle P, Reporter March 31, 2022

In the words of Winston Churchill, “rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen.” Rugby Football is a collective name for the rugby union and rugby league family. In the United States, Rugby Union...

KMS Logo

The History of KMS

Maria B., Reporter March 29, 2022

Kraemer Middle School’s mission is to put students first with an emphasis on creativity and inclusion. By doing so, students all over campus feel comfortable and at ease. The school was founded in 1960,...

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