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A stethoscope and pen on top of a paper

Should Healthcare Be Free?

Sal V., Reporter May 23, 2022

At some point in life, everyone has gotten sick. Some luckier individuals haven’t experienced anything worse than the flu, but others have struggled with horrifying diseases. No one wants to get sick,...

Leaded Gas Shrank IQ of Half of Americans.

Leaded Gas Shrank IQ of Half of Americans.

Isabelle P., Reporter May 11, 2022

   Lead; A neurotoxin, or destructive chemical toxic to humans and animals. It can be found in many areas, whether the soil, water, or air. Having the ability to destroy brain cells and be linked to...

Nuts are an example of some foods that contain tryptophan.

Brain Foods That Can Help Improve Your Mood

Ivanna M., Reporter April 5, 2022

One of the best things someone can do to keep their body healthy is to follow a balanced diet. Different foods from around the world can make someone healthier by supporting different parts of the body....

A person sleeping peacefully

How significant is a healthy sleep schedule in one’s life?

Adrian M., Reporter March 28, 2022

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body when your body reduces muscle activity and inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement sleep and reduces interactions with...

Sodium Chlroide Crystals

Is Sodium Bad for You?

Christopher W., Reporter February 16, 2022

Sodium is a natural element found in many common minerals. Among them is salt, which is used in many edible products used in modern foods. It should not be forgotten that sodium is also vital to our health....

Wierd Food Trends

Jesse K., Editor February 16, 2022

Food and social media have had a long story together. Having a variety from expensive delicacies to cheap, but tasty dishes. The #Food has been one of Instagram’s top hashtags of the decade. These pictures...

Health care is very important

Should Healthcare be Free to Everyone

Sajni S., Editor December 15, 2021

One of the most commonly debated questions among the government, healthcare services, and the general public is, “Should healthcare be made free and easily accessible for everyone?” Although there...


Kombucha 101

Amy S., Reporter December 9, 2021

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese fermented tea that has been consumed for centuries. It is largely classified as a functional beverage, meaning it has several health benefits, such as amino acids, helpful...

Burger King recently came out with a completely meat-free burger.

The Impossible Whopper

Jonathan Y., Reporter May 22, 2019

America eats too much meat. Everyone knows that. A study shows how an average American ate around 270.7 pounds of meat in a single year. That approximates to an average of 3 hamburgers a day! Luckily,...


Measles Outbreak

Justin Y., Reporter March 6, 2019

Many cases of measles have been reported throughout the world. Measles is an infectious disease that causes fever or rash on the skin. Due to the large amount of people infected with measles spread across...

Medicare Protesters

Medicare For All

Elio A., Reporter February 19, 2019

Medicare For All is a health care plan that was developed by Senator Bernie Sanders. It is single-payer health insurance, that the national government runs. The program covers all Americans and replaces...

Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes Charged and Indicted with Fraud

Alan H., Reporter January 24, 2019

Elizabeth Holmes, the owner and founder of Theranos, was indicted on June 15, 2018, for defrauding investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars and also deceiving hundreds of patients and doctors....

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