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Hawaiis natural beauty

What Makes Hawaii so Popular?

Nisha A., Editor January 14, 2022

Hawaii’s clear sea, blue sky, and tropical climate. The perfect place for a nice, relaxing vacation. Everyone knows about the rich culture and delicious food along with the stunning beaches, volcanoes,...

One of Hawaiis beautiful beaches

Why is Hawaii such a Popular Place for Vacation?

Emma W. December 12, 2021

Hawaii is a stunning state that almost everyone knows about. Millions of tourists and families travel there every year for vacation. But what makes it such a popular place? In 2019, there were around...

Dream Travel Locations

Dream Travel Locations

Mason E., Editor March 2, 2021

Many people have places they dream of going to all around the world. No matter how big or small the place is, at least one person would want to go there. Vacations are always fun no matter where you go....

The Kilauea Volcano eruption

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Erupts

Krista K., Reporter May 24, 2018

On Friday, May 4th, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit the residents of the Big Island of Hawaii. This was produced by the Kilauea Volcano and became the strongest earthquake since 1975. As a result, many...

A great view of the beach and resorts at Waikiki Beach.

Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii

Rylan M., Reporter February 7, 2018

Hawaii is a tropical island southwest off the coast of the United States. It is known for its traditional Hawaiian food, its lush floral landscape, and its jaw dropping beaches. Hundreds of thousands of...

Delicious, fresh poke made from ahi tuna.

What is Poke?

Esther W. , Reporter February 5, 2018

Poke is a food item that seems to be the latest food trend. This colorful dish served in conventional plastic bowls is popping up all over social media, and everyone has more or less heard of the craze...

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