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Why Fake Spider Webs Aren’t Such a Good Idea

Pumpkins have been an iconic symbol of Halloween with many kids using pumpkin themed buckets to hold candy in.

Samuel T., Reporter

November 21, 2019

Halloween is a truly fabulous holiday, and with awesome and creative costumes, loads of candy, as well as the amazing Halloween decorations for houses. Some popular decorations include fake spiders, tombstone sets, and also pumpkins, an iconic figure in the Halloween world. Another large decoration that p...

The Spirit of Halloween Contest

The Spirit of Halloween Contest

October 14, 2019

The Cub Reporter is celebrating the Spirit of Halloween   Submit a Spooky: Story • Poem • Picture that celebrates the spirit of Halloween   Submissions are due by October 25 All work must be original See your L.Arts teacher for an entry form *Winners will be feature...

Kraemer Does Halloween in Style

Halloween fun!

K. Smith, Advisor

November 13, 2018

Halloween is a holiday that is enjoyed by people of all ages.  The holiday in its current form, dressing up, trick or treating, and giving out candy, has evolved a great deal over time.   The tradition of Halloween goes back many centuries and has gone through many changes to make it the h...

13-year-old Helps Save 2 Toddlers

toddlers in a car

Krista K., Reporter

November 28, 2017

In late October, near an apartment in El Mirage, Arizona a 13-year old boy was taking out the trash, when he noticed a red Jeep. He thought the parents were just sleeping while a baby in the back was jumping around and crying. The 13-year old boy, Daniel Witt, immediately called his mom to help. There w...

Should Christmas Decor be sold before Halloween?

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, the largest Christmas store in Michigan

Tori P., Editor

November 6, 2017

Stores always start selling Christmas decor before it’s even Halloween! Costco, Michaels, and Target are the three main stores that sell Christmas decor in the fall. These stores don’t wait until the winter season, making it seem as if Halloween is Christmas. But, I believe that selling Christmas dec...

Why There Should Be No Homework on Halloween

Someone doing their homework on Halloween

Charis P., Editor

October 26, 2017

Halloween. The holiday for friends and families to go and enjoy company with one another while going door-to-door asking people for candy. It’s the holiday where kids get to enjoy having a sugar overload and parents having to worry about it the next day, but as much fun as this celebration  is, i...

What Were the Most Famous Halloween Costumes This Year?

What Were the Most Famous Halloween Costumes This Year?

Mary C., Editor

November 16, 2016

Another Halloween has gone by, and with every year, different costumes gain popularity, depending on movies, celebrities, or controversial news stories. For example, in 2015, Minions (from the Despicable Me franchise) and Star Wars character costumes conquered the country, mostly due to the then recent release of t...

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