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Places to Visit in Germany

The city of Lubek inn Germany

Anvi B., Reporter

April 23, 2019

Germany, located on the continent of Europe, is truly a beautiful place to visit. Many people don’t realize that Germany has a lot to offer for tourists. For visitors who want a nice fantasy village type feel, they should check out Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This little town celebrates Christmas, u...

CEO of U.S. Gun-Maker Faces Jail Charges

Sig Sauer Pistol

Amrit R., Reporter

March 18, 2019

Ten years after the company Sig Sauer made a deal to sell “306 million dollars worth of pistols to Columbia’s National Police”. The company’s CEO “Ron Cohen” is facing jail time in Germany for making these sales. German prosecutors accuse Cohen of colluding with Sig’s sister company in G...

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