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Due to soaring gas prices, illegal gas scandals are on the rise.

Four Florida men arrested after hacking gas pumps

Jason C., Editor May 24, 2022

Even though the war between Russia and Ukraine is raging halfway across the world in Europe, the effects are still influencing Americans. The war has unintentionally increased gas prices in America to...

Gas prices at Royal Dutch Shell

California’s Gas Prices Increase

Stephurie A., Editor December 4, 2021

Lately, gas prices have been rising rapidly in California, leaving many people wondering why gas prices are increasing. The average cost has been rising since this October for 17 days in a row. Now that...

US Border Wall

Mexico’s Immigrants Met With Tear Gas at Mexico-US Border

Logan D., Reporter December 17, 2018

Mexico has been in a big conflict with the US over immigration for a while now. There have been many illegal immigrants crossing the border under the radar, and it has not been taken lightly. On Sunday,...

Accidentally Stolen Subaru Returned in Form of Gas Money

Accidentally Stolen Subaru Returned in Form of Gas Money

Vivian W., Editor December 6, 2016

Recently, a car was stolen from a woman in Portland, Oregon, creating a huge ordeal. In the Woodstock neighborhood, the car was stolen from Erin Hatzi. The issue first arose when Hatzi’s husband arrived...

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