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Video Gaming Addictions in South Korea

hahaha gamer rise up am I right fellow members of society

Cameron O., reporter

November 26, 2019

In Seoul, an addicted young middle schooler constantly avoided his grandmother in order to play video games . He was always locked in his bedroom, while she looked out on the veranda window watching him glued to the screen. His addiction led him to sneak out to cyber cafes, still avoiding his grandma whil...

Joker Review

Seriously though this is the best movie to EVER exist! please don't waste your life and GO WATCH IT!!!

Zachary T., Reporter

October 29, 2019

   The movie, Joker is said to be a masterpiece of a film by several moviegoers and critics alike and will serve as a great role model for more movies to come. Joaquin Phoenixes’ performance was spectacular and captivated precisely what the Joker is supposed to be to most people. On IMDB, the m...

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