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Poetry Club

Poetry club Leader and helping teacher holding poster for poetry club.

Anselle P., Reporter

December 18, 2019

Every Wednesday, Room 705 holds the Poetry Club, during Pride. It is happily run by Ariana P. and Chris J., two eighth-graders who teach and organize each meeting in Mrs. Steuber’s classroom. During the beginning of the school year, GATE 8th grade students were introduced some forms of poetry sparking i...

Strange Disneyland Stories

that really makes you think, doesn't it?

Zach W., Reporter

March 20, 2018

Disneyland is known very well for its outrageous stories, some of them are just myths, while some of them have turned out to be true. Hauntings, accidents, and weird attractions have all become a huge part of its history. These are probably the most well known and possibly craziest stories the park has t...

Game-Changing Future Amusement Park Attractions

Why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he never lands!

Naomi H., Assistant Editor

June 7, 2017

There’s no doubt that theme parks are magical. Can the experience get any better? Absolutely! New game-changing attractions, even parks, are opening soon. Get ready; the experiences these places will offer are like nothing ever seen before. Disney World has always been one of the world’s most beloved o...

5 Fun Things To Buy On Amazon

Amazon, the online store where you can get fun things like these.

Vivian W., Editor

May 23, 2017 is the perfect place for satisfying people that want to buy some unnecessary items and knick knacks. Amazon has no physical stores and is only based digitally, not actual establishments where items can be bought immediately. With this way of selling, Amazon can offer millions of items sin...

Top Cities to Travel in Taiwan

Taiwan always has a great view, both night and day.

Katrina W., Reporter

May 8, 2017

Even though Taiwan occupies less than one percent of the Earth’s land, it is home to a wonderfully diverse landscape, spanning from breathtaking gorges and beautiful mountains to misty hot springs and tropical rain forests. Taiwan uniquely captures and combines the best of the coast, inland, mountains...

Spring Break Fun!

Turn up the beat during spring break!

Bianca M., Editor in Chief

March 28, 2017

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Spring Break is almost here! After a lot of hard work through this school year, students (and teachers) need a little break. During the school year, students work hard to finish their homework that was assigned to them, and teachers are working even harder to plan les...

99-year-old lady gets arrested, for the weirdest reason

What a... fun pastime...

Beth G., Reporter

March 14, 2017

Many people have bucket lists, some of them have crazy stuff on them such as ziplining, skydiving, bungee jumping, traveling the whole world, spending a night in an ice hotel, and scuba diving with sharks. The lists of crazy bucket list ideas go on and on. Bucket lists were made for individuals to go ...

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