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Good and Bad News for the Lakers

Lakers are just okay without Kobe, he was the team...

Amrit R., editor

February 6, 2020

The Lakers are a very well known team within the NBA (National Basketball Association). The team has many great players, including two all-stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which are helping the team go far within the sport and will probably make the playoffs an easy competition. The Lakers have ma...

The Problem with the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonvilee Jaguars setting up to play the sport they are known for

Caden S., Editor

December 17, 2019

Throughout 52 Super Bowls, only 12 teams have not lifted the Lombardi trophy. Among those 12, there are only 4 teams that have never even reached the Super Bowl. Those teams are, the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and last and least the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Texans get an excuse since ...

What is the Champions League?

The trophy that the teams compete and played their best for.

Samuel T., Reporter

October 8, 2019

In Europe, there are many big competitions or tournaments for sports. One of the most significant matches between teams in the Champions League. This big competition is between many famous football/soccer teams in Europe. Some of them include big clubs such as Juventus, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG...

Antonio Brown Goes to the Raiders

Antonio Brown Goes to the Raiders

Jacqueline C., Editor

April 4, 2019

Over the weekend of March 10th, wide receiver Antonio Brown shocked many fans leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Oakland Raiders. On Twitter, Brown made a post thanking Steelers fans for allowing him to play the last nine years with them. He ended off with “...time to move on and forward..”. Wh...

Khalil Mack Career

Khalil Mack Career

Nick G., Reporter

February 24, 2019

Khalil Delshon Mack is an outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. He was born on February 22, 1991, in Fort Pierce, Florida, and is currently 27 years old. He weighs about 250 pounds, and his height is around 6’3. He has a mother a father, and two brothers. His mother's name is Yolanda ...

Can the Rams Win a Super Bowl?

Rams in the Super Bowl

Diego G., Reporter

December 4, 2018

The Rams have started off the first half of the 2018-2019 NFL season with an astonishing record of 8-0. Unfortunately, the Rams suffered their first loss to the New Orleans Saints, but that still doesn’t change many NFL analysts believing that the Rams are super bowl contenders. They have tremendou...

How Can Snow Affect a Football Game?

First snow 2018

Andrew N., Reporter

November 6, 2018

Almost all sports games are played outside on a field with paint on the ground to know where the game lines are. Now imagine if there were snow everywhere on America’s most popular sport, football. Football is a sport which the player would have to run and not get tagged to the opponent’s end zone. O...

Protective Football Helmet Models Being Made to Prevent Concussions

Vicis Zero1 Helmet

Allen E., Reporter

October 23, 2018

As time passes, people are becoming more concerned about protection in football as many reports of head trauma and concussions are being brought up. Riddell, the leading producer of football equipment, has a suburban Chicago office that is researching the best ways to create protective helmets that ...

Antonio Brown’s Career

Antonio Brown

Nick G., Reporter

October 9, 2018

Antonio Brown is a starting wide receiver in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown’s full name is Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. He was born on July 10, 1988, and now he is 30 years old. Antonio was raised in Liberty City, Miami, and he attended Miami Norland High School where he played both track and ...

The Worst Sports Teams of the 2000s

Picture of Andrew McCutchen, who was the star player of the terrible Pittsburgh Pirates

Tushaar M., Editor

April 24, 2018

Many teams that were dominant during the early 2000s are still strong and dominant to this day. Teams such as the Spurs or the Patriots have been near the top of the ladder every season in the past decade. On the other hand, there are many teams still struggling from their mistakes during the early 2000s...

Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records In Sports

Joe DiMaggio record has yet to be broken since he played in 1941

Connor N., Reporter

April 23, 2018

One of the most cherished parts of sports are the records the great players of the past hold as well as the rising stars in sports today. Records are more than just a title that a player owns, a record is something an athlete deserves from all the work he or she puts in their career day in and day out...

College Quarterbacks Entering the Draft

Andrew H., Reporter

March 19, 2018

This year, many talented players such as Penn State halfback Saquon Barkley, Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, and NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb are projected to go early in this year’s NFL draft. However, according to many experts, the position that has the most talent in this yea...

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