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NFL news - will Aaron Rodgers leave the Packers?

NFL news – will Aaron Rodgers leave the Packers?

Daniel C. , Reporter June 7, 2021

Aaron Rodgers has had a Hall of Fame vocation with the Green Bay Packers. However, it's conceivable that his experience with one of the NFL's most celebrated establishments is reaching a conclusion.  Sources...

NFL Qb’s That Never Lived Up to the Hype

NFL Qb’s That Never Lived Up to the Hype

Zachary T., Reporter June 7, 2021

The NFL Draft is a big tradition where in the offseason, the NFL drafts around 250 players into their league each year. In this draft, there are seven rounds, and some great players come out of it and...

What’s the Future for the Eagles?

What’s the Future for the Eagles?

Zachary T., Reporter April 26, 2021

With the recent trade of Carson Wentz and letting Aslon Agholor and Jalen Mills go no one really knows what the eagles are doing. They traded their star quarterback for a 3rd round pick when he had an...

2020-2021 NFL Playoff Picture

2020-2021 NFL Playoff Picture

Nick S., Reporter January 27, 2021

In the NFL, there are 32 total teams and two different divisions, the AFC and NFC. Each division has 16 teams and plays 16 games until the playoffs. After the regular season, each team battles it out for...

What’s Wrong With The Eagles?

Zachary T., Reporter January 11, 2021

Lately, the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been playing the best. They have a terrible starting record, and many people blame that on the Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Everywhere on social media, Carson...

Lakers are just okay without Kobe, he was the team...

Good and Bad News for the Lakers

Amrit R., editor February 6, 2020

The Lakers are a very well known team within the NBA (National Basketball Association). The team has many great players, including two all-stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which are helping the team...

The Jacksonvilee Jaguars setting up to play the sport they are known for

The Problem with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Caden S., Editor December 17, 2019

Throughout 52 Super Bowls, only 12 teams have not lifted the Lombardi trophy. Among those 12, there are only 4 teams that have never even reached the Super Bowl. Those teams are, the Detroit Lions, Houston...

The trophy that the teams compete and played their best for.

What is the Champions League?

Samuel T., Reporter October 8, 2019

In Europe, there are many big competitions or tournaments for sports. One of the most significant matches between teams in the Champions League. This big competition is between many famous football/soccer...

Antonio Brown Goes to the Raiders

Antonio Brown Goes to the Raiders

Jacqueline C., Editor April 4, 2019

Over the weekend of March 10th, wide receiver Antonio Brown shocked many fans leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Oakland Raiders. On Twitter, Brown made a post thanking Steelers fans for allowing...

Khalil Mack Career

Khalil Mack Career

Nick G., Reporter February 24, 2019

Khalil Delshon Mack is an outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. He was born on February 22, 1991, in Fort Pierce, Florida, and is currently 27 years old. He weighs about 250 pounds, and...

Rams in the Super Bowl

Can the Rams Win a Super Bowl?

Diego G., Reporter December 4, 2018

The Rams have started off the first half of the 2018-2019 NFL season with an astonishing record of 8-0. Unfortunately, the Rams suffered their first loss to the New Orleans Saints, but that still doesn’t...

First snow 2018

How Can Snow Affect a Football Game?

Andrew N., Reporter November 6, 2018

Almost all sports games are played outside on a field with paint on the ground to know where the game lines are. Now imagine if there were snow everywhere on America’s most popular sport, football. Football...

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