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The History of Waffles

This is a picture of four waffles cut as triangles.

Chase K., Reporter

March 31, 2020

Waffles… or pancakes? The legendary feud about the superior breakfast pastry will go down in history forever as one of the most divided squabbles ever in human history. Which is better? The golden-brown, crispy pockets of the waffle or the spongy, moist pancake? Both can trace their roots back to A...

Chemicals in Food Grade Plastic

Yogurt containers have a symbol on the bottom which labels their plastic grade.

Hannah M., Editor

October 28, 2019

The Earth is overwhelmed with plastic. It is in oceans, soil, and even food. When people eat or drink out of plastic cups, containers, straws, and plates, they are consuming plastic. This is because small particles of plastic can come off and into food. Researchers studied everything from yogurt cups to ...

Ultra Processed Foods

Many ultra processed unhealthy foods

Darrius H., Reporter

June 12, 2019

Eating a healthy diet is a necessity to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. However, many healthy foods are considered to be processed/altered but, but it's not what people think. For example, organic dried beans and frozen vegetables are considered to be processed. Even when foods are blanche...

The Impossible Whopper

Burger King recently came out with a completely meat-free burger.

Jonathan Y., Reporter

May 22, 2019

America eats too much meat. Everyone knows that. A study shows how an average American ate around 270.7 pounds of meat in a single year. That approximates to an average of 3 hamburgers a day! Luckily, Burger King has it all figured out. The all new Impossible Whopper provides a way to control the extreme di...

GMO Salmon Coming to Stores

Genetically modified Salmon will soon be in stores after being approved by the FDA

Darrius H., Reporter

April 11, 2019

In 2015, GMO salmon was declared safe by the Food and Drug Administration. During this time, Congress was figuring out how genetically modified foods would be organized. As a result, the FDA halted the import of GMO fish until labeling issues were solved. However, last year, the USDA proclaimed that ...

Celebrity Spotlight: Gordon Ramsay

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay holding the recipe of his world renown Shepherd's pie.

Bryan W., reporter

April 11, 2019

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British chef who is known for his T.V. shows and his love of cooking. Many people can identify Ramsey as he is commonly found throwing a “tantrum” when the food is just awful. During this rage, Ramsay swears a lot and throws harmful insults towards the person or people th...

Foods of Brazil

The Brazilian dessert quindim.

Lauren N., Reporter

March 22, 2019

Many people choose to eat one type of food and forget about all the other different foods in the world. Even though many people know about Brazil, their food is one type of food that people tend to pay less attention to. There are so many delicious dishes, both sweet and savory that are from all over B...

Wolfgang Puck hosts 25th Oscar Party

A clip from the 89th annual Oscars ceremony where Wolfgang Puck made one of his magnificent dishes

Alan H., reporter

March 12, 2019

Just in time for his 25th Governors Ball, the flamboyant Academy Awards after-party on February 24, Wolfgang Puck was looking back at his respected and distinguished career and his ever-expanding empire of well-known restaurants. A popular restaurant founded by Wolfgang Puck is CUT, his only New York ...

Most Beloved Dessert

A picture of fresh-made lemon bars.

Natalie B., Reporter

June 5, 2018

Children and adults alike all look forward to the event that takes place after eating their dinner. Whether one just has a sweet tooth or simply a craving for a certain confectionery treat, everyone has their most cherished dessert. One of the best desserts to eat after dinner are lemon bars, and for ...

Top 5 Foods To Eat During The Summer

A picture of berries

Jevan B., Reporter

May 25, 2018

During the summer it is important to eat the right food. Some people may think of ice cream or anything cold, but here the best foods to eat during the summer. Although these foods are good for the summer, they may not be the first foods to come to mind. The first item on the best foods list is radis...

Best Steakhouses in SoCal

A picture of a steak dinner

Andrew H., Reporter

May 25, 2018

One of the most luxurious eateries in the world is a  steakhouse. Aged, juicy, and tender meat is extremely popular throughout the world. In Southern California, many steakhouses thrive in business in areas such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Generally, the price to eat at some of these restaurants ar...

Chef Spotlight: Rachael Ray

A picture of Rachael Ray wearing a red dress

Faith Q., Reporter

May 25, 2018

Born on August 25, 1968, in New York, Rachael Ray has been surrounded by food ever since she was a child. On both sides of her family, food is present and has made a big impact in her life. Rachael has come to star in multiple talk shows and is frequently seen in Food Network series. Married to John...

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