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The Effect of Australia’s Fires

The Australia fires are posing a threat to the survival of all living things within the country

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

January 27, 2020

Similar to California, Australia faces naturally occurring fires. Global warming has turned vegetation into firewood, which has resulted in these infernos to become increasingly common. As of now, Australia is facing a multitude of fires. Since the beginning of January, more than 15.6 million acres hav...

California Fires and the President’s Response

California fires are causing a tremendous amount of destruction across the state

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

December 2, 2019

Before the sunset on Halloween, a small fire started on a hillside that was near Santa Paula. The fire exploded in size in a matter of seconds due to the Santa Ana winds. Unfortunately, with the buildup of dry vegetation and extreme winds, there have been 6,190 recorded fires that total about 198,815 ...

Only the Brave: The True Story

Only the Brave Poster

Aaron K., Reporter

November 7, 2017

Released on October 14, 2017, Only the Brave showcases the life of Brendan McDonough and the real life tragedy of the Yarnell Hill fire. Alongside 19 other brave men, Brendan risked his life fighting fires in Prescott, Arizona, in an elite force named the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Brendan had a rough...

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