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Chicken Feet is considered a delicacy in many parts of Asia

Most Exotic Dishes in the World

Isabelle P., Reporter March 7, 2022

Food is a daily part of human life. Whether it be sweet, salty, spicy, sour, or more, the taste or texture of a dish can determine if it’s delicious or repulsive. This can go for any meal, even if it...

Picture of the rare Jellyfish Tree

Rarest kinds of plants

Bryan W., Reporter January 30, 2019

  Over 30% of the world is covered by forests and of that 30%, there are many endangered plants. There are many different reasons why a plant would be endangered like lack of pollinators and only...

A cute hedgehog that YOU can own!

Most Exotic Pets You Can Own

Katrina W., Reporter February 15, 2017

When most people think of pets, the traditional animals such as, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and hamsters come to mind. But aside from the common ones you can own, there are also a variety of exotic and interesting...

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