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An image of the sarcastic fringehead, a fish with a distinct name and face.

Evolutionary Oddities

Brian C., Reporter March 15, 2022

Evolution is what allowed for the creation of the animals people see around them today- each one unique, different in its own way. Along the way, some oddities came around. Many interesting creatures with...

Theater is the art of acting and can include drama, singing, and dancing.

The History of Theater

Emma W., Editor January 31, 2022

Theater, which is also spelled as theatre, has been around for a long time now. It has developed and changed over time, only improving throughout the centuries. Theater has brought people entertainment...

The Evolution of Life on Earth

The Evolution of Life on Earth

Amy S., Reporter November 4, 2021

A million years ago, the most significant event on Earth occurred- life emerged. Originating from single-celled organisms, they became complex, specialized beings. Miraculously, several million years later,...

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