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Two Gamma-ray Bursts Reach Record Levels

Gamma rays have the smallest wavelength in the electromagnet spectrum.

Naina B., Editor

January 25, 2020

Recently scientists have recorded two gamma-ray bursts reaching a total of 5900 type Ia supernova, creating a record-breaking amount of energy photons. Type la supernova is just a type of supernova that occurs in binary systems. These two bursts happened in far off galaxies, but scientists on Earth were ...

Puerto Rico has No Water or Electricity

Hurricane Maria damage.

Heleni N., Editor - Arts & Entertainment

October 27, 2017

Having running water may be a common thing for many people in the United States, but in Puerto Rico it's a luxury. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and more than half the island has no water and very little electricity.  For them, water has to be reused, meaning it's not completely cle...

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