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The official Science Olympiad symbol

Elective Spotlight: Science Olympiad

Melody S., Reporter February 22, 2022

Being one of, if not the most challenging and time-consuming of electives, Science Olympiad, often referred to as “SciOly,” teaches students to be diligent, competitive, and receive criticism well....

Video Productions: The Chaotic Good of the School

Video Productions: The “Chaotic Good” of the School

Baylor R., Reporter January 23, 2022

Electives are the main foundation point of having fun at school. Besides clubs, they are the only parts of school that we are allowed to pick. Everyone gets Social Studies or Math, but not everyone is...

Instruments, musical symbols, and other images representing music

Elective Spotlight: Exploratory Wheel- Music Appreciation

Alexander M., Reporter November 7, 2021

Music Appreciation is an elective in the exploratory wheel. It is a cycle of three classes for each semester. Music appreciation is very self-explanatory. This class teaches you to appreciate music from...

Kraemers school logo

Electives at Kraemer Middle School

Sajni S., Editor October 19, 2021

From Orchestra to Exploratory Wheel, from Online Newspaper to Computer Applications, there are many options to choose from when deciding what electives to take for the year. While there is the possibility...

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