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Should Students be Required to Volunteer?

Should Students be Required to Volunteer?

Adrian M., Reporter May 31, 2022

What is it to volunteer? Volunteering is the act of offering a helping hand without any payment required. Volunteering can be a very beneficial thing for you and the community you're in for various reasons...

Is the Education System Flawed?

Is the Education System Flawed?

Jason M., Editor June 10, 2019

Education is perhaps one of the world’s most important concepts in the world. It shapes our future and provides us knowledge of the world around us, yet, the classroom has barely changed in the last...

Education is an important part of society. Should the United States raise the intensity of education?

The Education System in Finland

Ocie M., Reporter March 18, 2019

From Youtube videos to online news websites, many people have started critiquing the  quality of the U.S. education system. They argue that every student is taught the same way, standardized tests are...

The logo of NaNoWriMo with the names of popular authors and books by Kraemer students Mia R, Anya D, and Jacqueline C.


Alyssa W. , reporter December 17, 2018

Writing is a passion that many have taken up. Just go to the library and marvel at the hundreds or thousands of names emblazoned proudly on the covers of books. Many hopeful authors unpublished, hope for...

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