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As our planet battles climate change and other environmental hazards, Earth Day Everyday is more important to heed to.

The History of Earth Day

Noelle W., Editor June 7, 2022

In 1970, Earth, the most prized asset to humankind, became nationally recognized through its own holiday. April 22 became known as Earth Day, a day to embrace green living and confront the climate crisis....

Are there planets that are suitable to be colonized?

Should we colonize other planets?

Evelyn Y., Editor June 7, 2022

One quick glance at history will showcase humanity’s tremendous curiosity and desire to explore the solar system. Movies ranging from WALL-E to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial have all heightened public interest...

Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Julia W., Editor June 3, 2022

    An average day of a human fills to the brim with varying emotions. Whether it is frustration when the barista gets a coffee order wrong, happiness when meetings with friends, or sadness after failing...

fossil of a sea dragon

Extraordinary Find in UK: “Sea Dragon” Fossil Discovered

Ivanna M., Reporter March 29, 2022

Back in prehistoric times, many fascinating beings roamed the Earth before us. These beings ranged from terrifying land-dwellers to the sea monsters in the great blue. Today, we only have the remains and...

A piece of China’s Rocket descends from the atmosphere

A piece of China’s Rocket descends from the atmosphere

Vincent K., Reporter June 8, 2021

A massive piece of China’s Rocket is falling from the sky, and no one knows where it will land. The piece of the rocket is supposed to be in space, but it is falling towards Earth. This piece of debris...

A photo of the Moon covered by clouds so its just a photo of clouds.

The Moon

Ethan J., Reporter February 12, 2020

In the past, no one knew about the moon until in 1610 when Galileo Galilei discovered it. When he found moons orbiting Jupiter, he knew that other planets in the galaxy, including Earth, could have moons....


Is the Earth Flat?

Mia R., Editor January 9, 2019

Many people have different opinions on the earth’s shape, but there is only one logical answer. The earth is not flat for many valid reasons that have been proven. However, everyone has their own opinion...

Solar Systems in the galaxy.

New Earths

Young K., Editor March 16, 2017

For hundreds of years scientists have been trying to find new planets for any signs of life  other than humans. Mars was a candidate, but it was soon realized that there was no actual proof that there...

Earth seen from Moons surface

Oxygen Atoms from Earth Bombard Moon

Ellen K., Reporter February 15, 2017

Over the past few decades, countless astronauts have made famous steps on the moon. However, studies show that Earth has already made its mark on the moon billions of years before humans even existed due...

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