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Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Julia W., Editor June 3, 2022

    An average day of a human fills to the brim with varying emotions. Whether it is frustration when the barista gets a coffee order wrong, happiness when meetings with friends, or sadness after failing...

Portrait of a two-month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy with a slightly worried expression.

Dogs Know Exactly What They’re Doing When They Give You Puppy Eyes

Amy S., Reporter May 26, 2022

    “We can now be confident that the production of facial expressions made by dogs are dependent on the attention state of their audience and are not just a result of dogs being excited. In our study,...

A dog waiting for its food so it could be ready to save those animals in danger.

The Unexpected Savior of the Koalas

Ethan Y., Editor January 27, 2020

Australia, which is in the middle of their summer, has been burning for several months. These fires not only have been destroying the environment but also have been killing around half a billion animals...

A stamp commemorating Laika

Laika The Space Dog

Jasmine H., Reporter April 24, 2018

Laika the Soviet space dog is known to be the first animal to orbit the Earth. Before becoming the famous space dog, Laika was a stray dog that was one of the few dogs recruited for a mission in space....

Adorable little puppies compete in the Puppy Bowl!

The Puppy Bowl

Ellen K. , Reporter March 14, 2017

Nearly everyone has heard of the Super Bowl, but what about the Puppy Bowl? Founded on February 6, 2005, the Puppy Bowl is an annual television show on Animal Planet which mimics the Super Bowl, but with...

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