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The Ice. The Frozen. The 2.

Frozen two was lit bruh.... I Don't know actually :/ Oh well I guess.

Amrit R., Editor

December 19, 2019

The original film Frozen was released on November 27, 2013. Not many people went to watch the Disney flick until movie reviewers rated it a 5 or a 4 out of 5. Then hype and anticipation to watch the Disney film skyrocketed and all the five year olds across the land ran and begged to see it. When the n...


The poster of Walt Disney's live-action remake, Aladdin.

William S., editor

June 5, 2019

The 1992 Disney classic, Aladdin, has recently been remade as a live action movie. As it was a big part of people's’ childhoods, the movie was hyped up and had many waiting excitedly for the movie. However, the movie has been met with mixed reviews with some pleased with the movie and others being ...

Five Disney Movies Coming Out in 2019

Five Disney Movies Coming Out in 2019

Kayla A., reporter

March 5, 2019

Disney has dominated box offices in 2018 and continues to make well-written movies. This year, many new movies will be coming out in 2019. There are especially five movies that people and critics are excited to see.   First, of the five movies Disney is coming out within 2019, is the live-action r...

Disney raising prices again- when will it be too much?

Disney Land

Reese M., reporter

February 19, 2019

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has raised their prices by up to 25% in the last year. Now, the cheapest day ticket is over $100 for the low demand days, such as an April weekday. For a one-day adult ticket on a peak date, they increased the price from $135 to $149. They also rose their prem...

Should Mickey Mouse be Available to the Public?

Photograph of Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse

Bryan W., Reporter

January 9, 2019

For years, the common everyday items in the public domain have allowed humans to create some of the most iconic characters like Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Monster, Robin Hood, and King Kong. But Disney has held back a certain character from the public domain. Mickey Mo...

Have Disney & Pixar Run Out of Movie Ideas?

 Disney logo introduced in 2011.

Jack R., reporter

December 17, 2018

  Recently, there have been some complaints from movie critics that movie companies Disney and Pixar haven’t been coming out with any fresh ideas for movie topics. To be fair, their latest movies have been phenomenal, but aren’t new and unique. The newest movie idea was Coco, and audiences ...

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck it Ralph

Charis P, Reporter

November 28, 2018

  On November 21st, 2018, the new Disney animation Ralph Breaks the Internet, was released in theaters. This adventurous movie is the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph which came out six years ago. Wreck-It Ralph came out in 2012 and is about a villain in the arcade game “Wreck-It Ralph.” The gam...

Strange Disneyland Stories

that really makes you think, doesn't it?

Zach W., Reporter

March 20, 2018

Disneyland is known very well for its outrageous stories, some of them are just myths, while some of them have turned out to be true. Hauntings, accidents, and weird attractions have all become a huge part of its history. These are probably the most well known and possibly craziest stories the park has t...

Disney Classics Being Made into Live-Action Remakes

Disney's logo

Tori P., Editor

February 5, 2018

Ever since the release of the live-action movie 101 Dalmatians in 1996, Disney has started remaking their classic movies into live-action films. The remakes so far have been 101 Dalmatians (1996), Alice in Wonderland (2010), Maleficent (2014), Cinderella (2015), The Jungle Book (2016), Pete’s Dragon (2...

Top 5 Disney Movies That Were Criticized For Being Racist

Disney logo

Erin K., Editor

December 13, 2017

The Walt Disney Company is an American mass media and entertainment corporation that has produced thousands of films and movies. However, some of the older films were considered racist because of its scenes. Here are the top 5 Disney movies that were criticized for being racist. The Jungle Book (1967) The...

Should It Be Wrong That Disney Has a Gay Character?

Disney Logo

Heleni N., Editor

November 28, 2017

Disney has officially made history with its first gay character. On Friday,  October 27th, the show Andi Mack started its Season 2. Andi Mack is about a 13 year old who believed she lived a normal life with her mom and dad. She later discovered her older sister Bex is actually her mom and her mom is...

Disneyland and Disney World: What is the difference?

Visit Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, but don't forget Disney World!

Sydney C., Reporter

June 7, 2017

Throughout the year, Disneyland and Disney World constantly reel in many visitors, including people who have visited many times and  first timers. People who haven’t been to either one wonder what  the differences are between these two theme parks, both that were created in honor of Walt Disney. Most p...

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