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Measles Outbreak

Measles Outbreak

Justin Y., Reporter

March 6, 2019

Filed under News

Many cases of measles have been reported throughout the world. Measles is an infectious disease that causes fever or rash on the skin. Due to the large amount of people infected with measles spread across many countries, the demands for vaccines are rising very fast. In some locations, there are only ...

The Mysteries Behind Being Colorblind

The Mysteries Behind Being Colorblind

Lois H., Reporter

March 20, 2018

Filed under Features

Red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow. These are just some of the colors that are seen in the world. However, what one person sees, and another persons sees could be different. Why? The majority of people will see the same thing, but about 4.5% of the population will not. The one thing that allows ...

Everything Wrong With Everything, Everything

Everything Wrong With Everything, Everything

Regina J., Reporter

June 6, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Madeline has been trapped inside her house for 18 years of her life, due to a disease that might kill her if she steps outside her house. Everything changes one day as her new neighbor, Olly, shows up. The book and movie is loved by many people, but the storyline may be a little unrealistic and untrue. The...

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