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Is Daylight Savings Nessecary?

Is Daylight Savings Nessecary?

Drew L., Reporter March 16, 2021

I think it is safe to say that we all know what Daylight Savings Time is. A time where the days feel shorter, and then finally, as soon as you start to get used to it, it changes back to regular, creating...


Why California Should Have Daylight Saving Year Round

Anya D., Editor December 3, 2018

On the second Sunday of March each year, the US jumps ahead an hour, and in the first Sunday of every November, falls back to original time. California should, in fact, keep time change all year rather...

Daylight Savings - Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Daylight Savings – Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Vivian W., Editor March 28, 2017

Waking up on that Sunday and realizing that one hour of your day has instantly disappeared is never a great feeling. Daylight savings was first used in 1908 in Thunder Bay, Canada, with the hopes of saving...

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