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With so many advantages, its no surprise most people around the world know more than one language.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Samantha C., Editor April 19, 2022

Knowing one language is nice, as it is a way to communicate with others who also know the language. However, learning and knowing more than one language is extremely beneficial to people and those around...

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most well-known Black leaders in history and has fearlessly fought to end racial segregation and prejudice.

Why is February Black History Month?

Chelsea C., Reporter March 21, 2022

Why is February designated as the month to commemorate African American history? The U.S. honors the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans who have helped shape the nation every February. Rich...

Chicken Feet is considered a delicacy in many parts of Asia

Most Exotic Dishes in the World

Isabelle P., Reporter March 7, 2022

Food is a daily part of human life. Whether it be sweet, salty, spicy, sour, or more, the taste or texture of a dish can determine if it’s delicious or repulsive. This can go for any meal, even if it...

An example of a new years resolution, which depicts the process of achieving ones goals.

New Year’s Traditions Around the World

Isabelle P., Reporter February 3, 2022

A new year, a new beginning. At the start of a new year, many want to start it off strong and stay that way throughout the rest of the twelve months. Around the world, there are many unique and intriguing...

What is cultural appropriation?

What is cultural appropriation?

Jason G., Reporter June 7, 2021

 Cultural appropriation has been noticed a lot more recently since social media gives people a way to express how they feel over a certain person dressing in another culture that isn’t theirs in a disrespectful...

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