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The vaccine does more good than bad

Should the US vaccine mandate be lifted?

Jameson X., Reporter June 7, 2022

In 1837, novelist Samuel Lover said the now-famous quote, “Better safe than sorry.” If people still abide by this code today, then why is the U.S. considering lifting the vaccine mandate? With the...

Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth gets Covid

Jacqueline S., Reporter April 18, 2022

In the past week, the United Kingdom recorded 25,696 new Covid cases, continuing the downward trend that occurred since the Omicron wave in early January, with over 200,000 cases per day since then. Out...

A nurse preparing a COVID-19 vaccination dose.

Booster Dose/Third Dose Authorized for Younger Ages

Quyen N., Editor February 10, 2022

On Thursday, January 5th, 2022, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) authorized the administration of the Pfizer booster dose for...

Britain in the Midst of the Covid Pandemic

Britain Battles Omicron

Muirelle P, Reporter February 2, 2022

Britain currently faces what is said to be a “tidal wave” of new infections from the newest variant, the Omicron. The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has reported the first death due from...

Covid-19 vaccine being put into a hypodermic needle.

Pfizer for Ages 5-11 Approved

Quyen N., Editor December 8, 2021

On Friday, October 29, 2021, the FDA approved the emergency use of both doses of Pfizer & BioNTech for children ages five through eleven. The lengthy expected approval from the FDA came after the organization's...

Masks help reduce Covid-19 exposure

Should schools be able to mandate masks?

Jerry S., Editor November 15, 2021

In recent years, Covid-19 has been terrorizing the world with its deadly outbreaks. With the cases slowly declining, the majority of schools are going back in person. Many schools are trying to stop the...

It has been proved that the Covid-19 vaccine is good, but people still refuse to get it.

Should Public Service Workers Have Mandatory Vaccinations?

Nisha A., Editor November 15, 2021

Since the vaccine was approved, people have been arguing non-stop about whether or not the vaccine is safe and effective. Even though dozens of tests have shown that the vaccine is successful, people still...

Northern territory of Australia

Australia Reopens Borders after a long wait

Jameson X, Reporter November 5, 2021

Recently, the Australian government has announced that they will be reopening their borders for travel. However, the coronavirus is still affecting many people. This will only affect fully vaccinated citizens....

Covid-19 vaccine being loaded into an shot.

A COVID-19 Curing Pill

Noelle W., Editor October 19, 2021

Over the chaos of the ever-spreading COVID-19 virus, the biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has been setting tests to invent an effective oral antiviral drug in the form of a pill. To keep people out of...

Wearing a mask is important for everyones health

Why people can’t agree on wearing masks?

Isaac Y., Reporter October 18, 2021

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everyone now needs to wear a mask, and for many, it has become a normal way of life. But why can't people agree on wearing masks? First of all, they think...

Childrens Vaccine Approved

Children’s Vaccine Approved

Annette B., Editor June 7, 2021

The Coronavirus is on a path to its destruction, or, at least, that’s what scientists and doctors believe. While the path is not as linear as the media displays, the advent of the Covid Vaccine is a...

Why do People believe there are Microchips in the COVID Vaccine?

Why do People believe there are Microchips in the COVID Vaccine?

Drew L., Reporter June 7, 2021

If there’s any constant in this ever-changing world, it's got to be paranoia. It lives in all of us, some letting it roam around inside their feelings, while others banish it to the jail in their brain....

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