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Malaysia Returning Plastic Waste to Foreign Countries

Malaysia is returning plastic waste from foreign countries back to their origin.

Kumail A., Reporter

June 7, 2019

Much of the world’s overall plastic waste has nowhere to go, as landfills are filling up and people are trying to prevent ocean pollution.  With nowhere to put their plastic waste, Americans and Europeans are starting to ship their waste to Malaysia. This way they are able to get rid of their plasti...

Should the U.S. Help Other Countries in Need?

US specialist helping Afghan nomads

Evan W., reporter

March 7, 2019

The U.S. has fought wars in other countries that had nothing to do with them. America got involved in wars like Syria, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. These wars had no effect on America, but they decided to help countries fight to victory. As of today, the U.S. has to most powerful military forces in the...

The World’s Safest Countries

Travel around the world and you just might discover your new go-to vacation spot!

Ellen K., Reporter

May 23, 2017

Acts of violence all over the globe have made headlines a large number of times in the news. Due to the growing number of insecurities all around the world, many traveling fans have been more careful with deciding where to travel to for their next vacation. Instead of building up anxiety by visiting...

Top Ten Tourist Visited Countries

Top Ten Tourist Visited Countries

Ellen K., Reporter

October 3, 2016

Business for airports has been booming. Constantly, people are visiting in and out of the country. Many wonder, “Where are they going?” and that is exactly what this article answers! Below is a list of the top ten most visited countries.   France - From its gorgeous landscapes to its e...

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