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Should Computer Games Be Used For Classroom Instruction?

A student playing a game requiring teamwork during class; except he is playing by himself.

Celine K., Reporter

December 17, 2019

Computer games are something both kids and adults look forward to playing whether it's at work or when you get home from school. These fun computer games are involved in a student’s learning experience, make a big impact on their career as a student, and make them want to go to school more and more. ...

Should Gum be Allowed on School Grounds?

Bubble gum balls in a bowl.

Katrina W, Reporter

January 23, 2018

Chew, blow, and POP! These are three things many students dream of when they are sitting in a boring classroom, their fingers tapping on a desk, listening to their teacher go on and on about inequalities and other math equations. Others say that chewing gum is a distraction, as it can make loud popping noi...

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