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Review on the Town Center in Yorba Linda

The Yorba Linda Town Center

Clara S., Editor

June 12, 2019

For years, as people drove through Yorba Linda, there was never a thriving place for nutritious food, groceries, or a hangout spot. This new high-end town center is pedestrian-friendly and used for entertainment, shopping, and eat-out purposes. The total area for this new shopping center is about 125,000...

The 7-STAR Hotel in Dubai

The 7 star hotel

Clara S., Editor

March 22, 2019

The fantasy movie of Aladdin has come to life and is beautifully portrayed in a magnificent 7-star hotel in Dubai. On December 1999, Burj Al Arab opened and instantly made headlines as the first 7-star hotel in history. Architect Ettore Mocchetti designed each suite completely different and unique from the r...

5-Star Assembly

Kraemer Assembly

Clara S., Editor

October 9, 2018

On Friday, September 21, an assembly took place in the Valencia High School Gym. During students’ 1st period, the teachers took roll, then dismissed their classes. As teachers and students walked into the gym, they saw hundreds of kids standing on their feet waving flashlights from their phones in the air as...

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