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Floating Cities, The Savior of Humankind

As we run out of natural resources and land, should we as humans turn towards floating cities?

Colin M., Co-Editor in Chief

May 7, 2019

As global warming gets more and more severe, scientists begin to worry about what the world will look like in several hundred years. It is predicted that locations such as Wall Street in New York, Miami Florida, and Shanghai will be almost completely submerged in less than a hundred years. However, ...

Top Cities to Travel in Taiwan

Taiwan always has a great view, both night and day.

Katrina W., Reporter

May 8, 2017

Even though Taiwan occupies less than one percent of the Earth’s land, it is home to a wonderfully diverse landscape, spanning from breathtaking gorges and beautiful mountains to misty hot springs and tropical rain forests. Taiwan uniquely captures and combines the best of the coast, inland, mountains...

Best Cities to Visit in Southern California

What other view can possibly be as gorgeous as this amazing view?

Julius Y., Reporter

February 28, 2017

California is truly a great state with many amazing cities that are unlike any other. Cities in California offer many fun attractions and activities. Some of the best cities to visit in California include Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Anaheim, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, and San Diego.  ...

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