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Safely Celebrating the Holidays

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

Agnes L., Editor January 13, 2021

The year 2020 has become a series of families becoming torn apart and friends FaceTiming constantly to make up for their absence. Southern California has come up with a way to celebrate not only Christmas...

Christmas trees have  become the centerpiece for most Christmas displays.

Best Christmas Decorations in Orange County

Chase K., Reporter December 29, 2019

Some people enjoy decorating for Christmas, and some simply don’t. There are some decorators who live for decorating and spend hours planning the arrangement of the twinkling lights, making sure not...

Gift for Christmas.

Best Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Nathan Chung, Co-Editor - Food and Travel December 22, 2017

Within the past few years, technology has wiggled its way into the everyday life of many people. It has revolutionized the way simple tasks can be completed and will continue to develop and improve. As...

a squirrel and some Christmas ornaments

Squirrel Damages Christmas Lights in New Jersey Town

Tori P., Editor - Opinion December 20, 2017

Recently in Sea Girt, New Jersey, a squirrel was caught fiddling with Christmas lights set up for an annual holiday display. The residents of Sea Girt were shocked that someone, or something, was trying...

Children singing Christmas carols

Stories Behind Your Favorite Christmas Songs

Jasmine H., Reporter December 19, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year~ Christmas songs are being sung, hot cocoa is being made, and the fresh smell of candy canes is in the air. Hot cocoa and the smell of candy canes are good, but...

Apple Airpods

Top 8 Things to Buy for Christmas

Jerry C., Editor December 12, 2017

Everybody knows that Christmas is coming and that a special gift is required for friends and families. Here is a list of tech things that a child of a tech wizard should buy for Christmas as a present. New...

A Christmas tree ornament

Best Christmas Destinations in the U.S.

Jason M. , Reporter December 12, 2017

Christmas Break is right around the corner, and so is that time of year where families decide to take a well-deserved vacation. Here are some of the most popular locations for a Christmas vacation. New...

A jolly Mall Santa

Mall Santas: Behind The Scenes

Jayden M., Editor November 27, 2017

Many people who have been to a mall during Christmas have probably seen a mall Santa. It may seem easy to get paid to talk to a child and take a picture with them, but, behind the scenes, there’s a...

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, the largest Christmas store in Michigan

Should Christmas Decor be sold before Halloween?

Tori P., Editor November 6, 2017

Stores always start selling Christmas decor before it’s even Halloween! Costco, Michaels, and Target are the three main stores that sell Christmas decor in the fall. These stores don’t wait until the...

Three Places to Visit During Christmas Break

Three Places to Visit During Christmas Break

Bianca M., Editor in Chief December 16, 2016

Christmas might be one of the most popular holidays in the whole year. Most people enjoy spending time with their family, and traveling to new places during the week of Christmas. It is the perfect time...

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