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Pandas from the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Three Month Old Panda Cub at Washington D.C.’s National Zoo

Yena K., Editor December 14, 2020

Pandas are animals that are loved worldwide but are an endangered species. There are approximately only 1,864 pandas left in the world. Most of the panda population is found in China, but a few are currently...

Is China Outmatched in Trump's Trade War Against the US?

Is China Outmatched in Trump’s Trade War Against the US?

Darrius H., Reporter May 31, 2019

The yearlong trade disagreement between China and the United States continues to escalate. This may turn out to be an economic conflict that may exist for decades because both sides want global dominance,...

The great wall of china

Best Places to Visit in China

Bryan W., Reporter March 22, 2019

China is a very historic and important place which has many fun and cool places to visit. Throughout China, there are many historical places to come to and to learn about the history of China or just see...


China Bans Sale of iPhones

Jason M., Co-Editor in Chief January 8, 2019

A court in China recently granted a preliminary injunction against tech giant Apple banning the import or sale of older models of iPhones. The same court banned Micron Technology, the largest chip-maker...


China Researcher claims the first genetic-edited babies

Donald C. December 13, 2018

In Hong Kong, China, genetic scientist He Jiankui claims to make the first genetic-edited babies as a modified pregnancy resulted in twin sisters who are claimed to be modified. His goals are not to cure...

Picture of the Moon

China set to launch a fake moon in 2020

Diego G., Reporter November 6, 2018

China, the world’s most populated country, is trying to eliminate streetlights with an artificial moon. They are striving to launch this by 2020 which is only 2 years away. China believes that this artificial...


Chinese Lasers Injure U.S. Military Pilots

Tanay S., Reporter May 24, 2018

China’s first military base overseas in Djibouti is using lethal lasers to attack and harm US military aircraft in the area.  Two US pilots have already been injured and the US has started taking preliminary...

an oil spill off the coast of Louisiana

The Sanchi Oil Spill

Erin K., Co Editor - Campus Life February 7, 2018

On January 6th, an Iranian oil tanker, Sanchi, sank off the coast of China after colliding with a cargo ship from Hong Kong. It resulted in a fiery explosion that lasted for a week. At the time of the...

a burning tanker

Sanchi Burning Tanker

Tanay S., Reporter January 23, 2018

Three days after the Sanchi collided with another ship on the border of Shanghai, China, this 900-foot tanker is still in flames, stranding the crew on the ship. Terrifying 10-foot waves and dangerous...

Happy Valley Theme Park (top left), view from Changbai Mountain (bottom left), the Forbidden City (top right) and Window of the World (bottom right).

Cool Places to Visit in China

Jayden M., Editor October 24, 2017

China is a huge country in East Asia with a rich history. It has countless amazing attractions and the exchange rate makes everything super affordable. Great sights and affordable prices make China the...

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