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Two kittens playing

Scientists Are Using Gene-Editing Technology To Create Hypoallergenic Cats

Michelle S., Editor May 27, 2022

Cats have been our trusted friends throughout human history, from the homes of Ancient Egypt to the homes of modern-day millennials. However, for the 20% of people who are allergic to feline pets, that...

Declawing Cats are the human equivalent of cutting off a finger at the last knuckle.

Lawmakers in Maryland Push to Ban Vets From Declawing Cats

Christopher S. , Reporter May 11, 2022

Recently, some lawmakers in Maryland have been hoping to make it illegal for veterinarians to declaw cats. Declawing is an operation done to remove an animal's claws, usually by means of amputation. The...

Cat in a garage sitting on the floor of it.

Australia Declares War On Cats

Ethan Y., Editor December 17, 2019

Cats are usually depicted as cute, fluffy, small animals, and overall look innocent no matter what the case is. However, feral cats are the number one enemy for Australia due to the fact they are predators...

The cat shrine on Tashirojima  Island

Cat Island In Japan

Bianca Z., Reporter November 7, 2017

   There is a cat island in Japan on Tashirojima island, located in the city of Ishinomaki, Japan.  The island is named Cat Island because there is a big population of stray cats that roam the island....

Cats taking over the internet

Cats taking over the internet

Beth G. , Reporter October 4, 2016

Everybody loves the hilarious things cats do. We have many cat celebrities all over the internet such as “Grumpy Cat” and “Venus”. These cats are famous because of their unique look and attitude....

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