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California May Stop School Fitness Test

School fitness tests can be  very uncomfortable for less-athletic children

Reyna O., Reporter

February 27, 2020

California is  considering ending School Fitness exams due to bullying. California Governor, Gavin Newsom believes that tests such as pushups, situps, and even miles can lead to body shaming and bullying. Some people such as Christine Maxwell, a 33- year -old who is supporting this decision is having flashba...

California Fires and the President’s Response

California fires are causing a tremendous amount of destruction across the state

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

December 2, 2019

Before the sunset on Halloween, a small fire started on a hillside that was near Santa Paula. The fire exploded in size in a matter of seconds due to the Santa Ana winds. Unfortunately, with the buildup of dry vegetation and extreme winds, there have been 6,190 recorded fires that total about 198,815 ...

Best Food/Drink Places in Yorba Linda

Boba Fiend is supposedly the best place serving boba in Yorba Linda.

Celine K., Reporter

November 4, 2019

One of the attributes of having a long, happy life is eating good food and drinks. Many places in Yorba Linda are considered the best restaurants and food places in Orange County.    A popular Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo serves a great bunch of Italian foods. They are most famous f...

California’s College Sports Pay Law

College players showing that they are worthy of being paid

Amrit R., Editor

October 29, 2019

  California has a new law targeted towards college athletes in California. The law consists of many reasons/details that are helping the eligibility for college athletes to get paid. Though California thinks that this law is good for the state, the NCAA has always insisted that college athletes,...

Foods to Try in San Francisco

Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco, California.

Reese M., Reporter

May 22, 2019

     From fresh sourdough bread bowls to steaming hot dim sum San Francisco offers a little for everyone. Within its 49 square miles, it packs in many delicious restaurants and whole in the wall shops. San Francisco is located on the East Coast of California, along the Pacific Ocean and San Franc...

Poway Synagogue Shooting

Governor Wolf Joins Pittsburgh in Mourning After Tragic Shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue last October

Jacqueline C., Reporter

May 22, 2019

eOn Satuday, April 28th, an act of terror and not terrorism took place. In Poway, California, there was a deadly shooting at a local synagogue. Jewish worshippers and bystanders were simply gathering for the last day of Passover when the tragedy struck. Police have identified the shooter as nineteen-year-ol...

How Does Finland Really Manage its Forests?


Darrius H.

December 13, 2018

  When natural disasters such as California wildfires bring tragic loss of life and land with them, people would expect solace— especially from the president of the United States. However, Californians got a different response from President Donald Trump when he toured what the wildfires le...

Understanding California’s Propositions


Jason M., Co-Editor-In-Chief

November 7, 2018

On November 6, Californians will cast their votes on 11 state propositions. These include a proposition to repeal the gas tax and a total of four different housing propositions. Propositions are a form of direct democracy in California and voters have voted on 1,253 propositions since 1912. Proposition 1 w...

The Best Water Parks in California

Raging Waters San Dimas

Kevin R., Reporter

May 23, 2018

Water Parks are all over the place and are very busy, especially during hot summer days. Water Parks usually have water slides, pools, and lazy rivers. California is a hot spot for water parks due to how hot it can get in the summer. People usually have a tough time deciding which water park to go to...

Best Cities to Visit in Southern California

What other view can possibly be as gorgeous as this amazing view?

Julius Y., Reporter

February 28, 2017

California is truly a great state with many amazing cities that are unlike any other. Cities in California offer many fun attractions and activities. Some of the best cities to visit in California include Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Anaheim, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, and San Diego.  ...

Too Much Rain?

Rain in California

Vivian W., Editor

February 22, 2017

California has been in a severe drought for countless years, but recently, California has received more than enough water and is finally getting the real winter conditions. After years of dry conditions, California is recovering from the critical drought and is actually receiving perilous weather cond...

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