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Lord of the Rings was a popular book series that was turned into a movie franchise.

Lord of the Rings: The Success

Nisha A., Editor June 9, 2022

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, released from 2001 to 2003, was definitely a surprise to many for its high-quality movie effects throughout the series. It also proved to be a very popular movie series,...

An image of a filled bookshelf.

Are Paper Books or Ebooks Better?

Sajni S., Editor May 31, 2022

From the first ancient days of writing on clay tablets, reading and writing have become a huge part of everyday life all around the globe. Now, over 5,000 years later, society has advanced past paper,...

Lots and lots of books

Are Physical Books Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Jonah V., Reporter May 18, 2022

For the past two years, the sales of physical books have been declining. More and more readers are switching to reading on a mobile device rather than physical books. Many find it more convenient to read...

Many inspirational book characters are brave, confident, and kind.

Inspirational Book Characters

Evelyn Y., Editor March 23, 2022

The characters in books, whether side or main, are all created to be perfectly believable and larger-than-life, almost as if they could step off the pages and into the real world. This is what compels...

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint as Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter flims.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion Review

Ahlekh U., Reporter March 10, 2022

Harry Potter fans have been waiting a long time for a sequel to the films, and they got their wish. Instead of a movie, they got a documentary that showed the cast reuniting on the set for the first time...

Stephen King

Why Stephen King is the Best Author

Christopher W., Reporter February 15, 2022

Stephen King is an American author best known for writing dominantly in the horror genre. While his work is widely regarded as lazy, for people who crave a cheap scare, I would argue that his writing is...

Mr. Wolf tries to be good and turn the others good as well.

The Bad Guys 2022 Film

Pedro G., Reporter January 26, 2022

The Bad Guys is a book series written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey. Anyone who loves funny, entertaining, and silly books will also love The Bad Guys. For every single person who is familiar with and...

The cover of The Lost Hero book

Book Review: The Lost Hero

Sajni S., Editor December 13, 2021

Ever since author Rick Riordan got his first-ever book published in 2005, there have been hordes of fans sitting on the edges of their seats, just waiting for his next books to come out. Among these following...

The cover of the first book from the Last Kids on Earth series

Book Review: The Last Kids On Earth

Pedro G., Reporter November 4, 2021

Life in a normal world can be difficult. But life in a monster apocalypse could be even more complicated or much more fun. Any person can find living in a monster apocalypse scary and terrifying, but for...

The family stayed at their grandfathers private island every summer.

Book Review: We Were Liars

Maria B., Reporter October 18, 2021

The book We Were Liars, a candidly suspenseful novel written by E. Lockhart, is shockingly twisted and almost impossible to put down. The story entices readers by allowing them to view the perspectives...

The Plot of Every Mystery Book

The Plot of Every Mystery Book

Drew L., Reporter June 7, 2021

Hello. My name is [Insert Generic First Name] [Insert Slightly Obscure Last Name]. And I’ve lived a pretty normal life, I have a [Insert Family with Random Facts About Them], I live in [Insert Generic...

Best Books in the Library

Best Books in the Library

Annette B., Editor March 16, 2021

The Kraemer Library is a popular spot for students during breaks or lunch. It boasts a large collection of computers, several tables where students can sit and study together, armchairs for reading, a...

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