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The best animated movies of 2021 were Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Mitchells vs. The Machines, and Encanto.

Top Animated Movies of 2021

Nicholas T., Reporter March 23, 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to rage on from 2020 into 2021, many film studios had to push back the releases of some of their movies. Some studios even had to halt filming or animating temporarily....

Title logo of The Lion King

The Best Disney Movie of all Time

Nisha A., Editor December 13, 2021

Lions who rule the animal kingdom, and animals who obey and dare not question the lion rule. The Lion King is the best and most popular Disney movie so far. The Lion King was released on June 24, 1994,...

Amazons classic logo.

5 Reasons Why Amazon is the World’s Best Business

Ashley K., Reporter February 27, 2018

When Amazon first started, it only sold books but now it's one of the largest online companies. Everyday, all across the United States of America, people use Amazon to buy products for everyday life. Amazon...

Open laptop on desk

Top 5 Best Laptops

Sean J. , Reporter February 28, 2017

Laptops are a technological innovation that proves to have a huge effect on our society today. They help people to research information for projects, businesses, or other important subjects. They also...

What other view can possibly be as gorgeous as this amazing view?

Best Cities to Visit in Southern California

Julius Y., Reporter February 28, 2017

California is truly a great state with many amazing cities that are unlike any other. Cities in California offer many fun attractions and activities. Some of the best cities to visit in California include Malibu,...

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Best Airlines to Fly With

Allison M., Reporter February 15, 2017

No one wants to be uncomfortable during a long flight. That is why it is essential to choose an airline that accommodates their guests to provide both a safe and comfortable flight. From delicious food...

Yum! Ice cream is perfect for those hot summer days.

Best Ice Cream Stores in America

Regina J., Reporter February 15, 2017

Nothing in life is better than eating a cold ice cream cone on a hot, sunny day. Except, why go to a local, regular ice cream shop when people can travel to the best ice cream shops? Each of these creameries...

Did you know that broccoli is a superfood?

Top Ten Best Superfoods

Kassem I., Reporter January 30, 2017

We eat many kinds of foods every day.  Some of these foods are bad for us, and can harm our health.  Others, however, provide us with the energy and nutrients we need to make it through the day.   These...

Top Five NBA Players of All Time

Top Five NBA Players of All Time

Kyle W., Assistant Editor January 5, 2017

NBA the association where only the most talented players go to play basketball. A seventh grade basketball player Ryan B. says, “Basketball has entertained me for all of my life”. Not only Ryan, but...

Running shoes

Top 5 Sports that are Best for Your Heart

Charis P., Reporter January 4, 2017

The heart is by far the hardest working organ in the human body. It is essential to human life and it’s important to keep it in great shape. Below are five of the most popular sports played to help strengthen...

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