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Wild Bees Found Recycling Plastic

Water bottle which is half full so it shouldn't be wasted .

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

February 12, 2020

Most of the time, human consumption ends in plastic waste. With plastic building up in ecosystems around the world, it has proven to be detrimental to wildlife. However, a few animals such as bowerbirds and hermit crabs are using plastic to attract mates or use shells. In addition, Canadian and Argen...

Why Fortnite is Bad for Kids

An addicted teenager glued to his screen playing the game Fortnite.

Ethan J., Reporter

November 20, 2019

The game called Fortnite is a well-known game around the world. It is a battle royale type game that lasts until there is only one person standing left. The game includes strategy, building, and attacking. The popular game was released in 2016, and ever since then, over 250 million people have played ...

Why the Nintendo Switch Started Off Badly

The Nintendo Switch's console and controller.

Tristen T., Reporter

May 23, 2017

Before the Switch came out, there was loads of hype and good reviews from people who tested it. Now that the switch was released last month on March 3rd, the excitement and good reviews turned into people who were dissatisfied with it and its many flaws that can be found constantly.   When ...

Why Automated Cars Are A Bad Idea

Why Automated Cars Are A Bad Idea

Julius Y,, Reporter

January 5, 2017

Today, the somewhat frightening idea of a driverless car being on public roads is close to becoming a reality. People may think with a new invention of driverless cars, the automobile related fatalities may decrease, but I believe that they are going to cause more accidents.   The first reason that driverless cars are at...

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