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Bong Joon Ho be lookin like he has bed head.

Bong Joon Ho Spotlight

Chase K., reporter March 11, 2020

On February 9, 2020, Bong Joon Ho stood on a stage in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, being watched by 30 million people. He clutched a golden trophy in his left hand while he delivered a speech, thanking...

JoJo hehehe. what kind of a name is that! What is he... GeRmAn!?!?!

Jojo Rabbit Review

Zachary T., Reporter February 18, 2020

Jojo Rabbit is a fantastic movie for critics and viewers alike but it’s not for people who take offense to many things. The overall plot of the movie is a German boy named Jojo who lives with his mom...

What is love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me... no more.

History of TikTok

Celine K., reporter February 18, 2020

With over 500 million users, Tiktok has become a world-famous app to children and adults all over the world. From humor to dancing videos, Tiktok has any video that anyone could think to search for. The...

Richard Jewell is a hero... thats it, what!?!?! did you want me to make a joke? just look at yourself in the mirror. >:C

Richard Jewell, a Tragedy

Caden S., editor February 6, 2020

The story of the Centennial Park bombing is one rarely known by those who weren’t alive when the bomb went off. Richard Jewell (known to his friend and lawyer as Radar) had a reputation of noticing things...

Lakers are just okay without Kobe, he was the team...

Good and Bad News for the Lakers

Amrit R., editor February 6, 2020

The Lakers are a very well known team within the NBA (National Basketball Association). The team has many great players, including two all-stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which are helping the team...

simon be like: bruh moment (cause his show has low ratings)

Simon Cowell Introduces UK-pop

Darrius H., Editor December 19, 2019

In February of 2019, Simon Cowell announced that there would be no X Factor this year. As a replacement, they would create two series of X Factor this year: X Factor: Celebrity and X Factor: The Band. Due...

The good place... its a good show, very good show

Welcome, Everything is Fine

Caden S., editor December 19, 2019

Netflix includes many award-winning movies and TV shows, but one comedy shines brighter than them all, the Good Place. The  Good Place is a comedy TV show starring: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson...

Frozen two was lit bruh.... I Dont know actually :/ Oh well I guess.

The Ice. The Frozen. The 2.

Amrit R., Editor December 19, 2019

The original film Frozen was released on November 27, 2013. Not many people went to watch the Disney flick until movie reviewers rated it a 5 or a 4 out of 5. Then hype and anticipation to watch the Disney...

that face you make when you are going to go down in history for directing some of the most famous movies ever.

Steven Spielberg Celebrity Spotlight

Andrew N., reporter December 18, 2019

Famous movies such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and many others have all been directed by one man, Steven Spielberg. On December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio, young Steven Spielberg...

bird bird bird, ba ba ba bird is the word. get it because family guy joke

The Lack of Thanksgiving Pop-Culture Compared to Christmas Ones

Ryan S., reporter December 18, 2019

Consider the famous Christmas productions that have highlighted peoples’ holiday for years in relation to Thanksgiving availabilities. The Christmas archives, including Its a Wonderful Life, How the...

yo yo yo whats up home squad... its me the wiggity wack rapper

New Albums Of 2019

Chloe C., reporter November 26, 2019

Music is a thing that people have enjoyed for hundreds, even thousands of years. The first forms of instruments were made with sticks, rocks, and animal skin. Instruments evolved over time to make different...

haha that show your mom watched and thinks is too inappropriate for you.... but its not

F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV Show Review

Lauren N., reporter November 26, 2019

The 1990s sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., was a huge hit with everybody from teenagers to adults at the time because of the comedy, love, friendship, and more. The TV show starts with the cast being in their early...

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