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Top Most Used iPhone Apps

Everyone has apps on their phone, but which are the most popular?

Charis P, Reporter

June 3, 2019

Apple iPhones have many apps that users can enjoy and download on their device. Some of these apps have become majorly popular by many people who have spent a crazy amount of hours on their devices. Some of these apps include YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. The most popular a...

Apps: Wasteful or Useful?

Examples of apps on a normal smartphone.

Robert B., Reporter

February 22, 2018

Being in the age of technology, many people are spending a lot of time on their iPhones or other tech products on what companies call apps, or software applications. As they may range from productive to social to gaming purposes, these applications have spurred many debates on whether or not students shou...

Five Apps to Use When on Vacation

Five Apps to Use When on Vacation

Vivian W., Editor

November 15, 2016

Need help with finding the best foods to try or the most ideal place to stay at while you are on vacation? There are so many applications that can help you plan out the perfect vacation for both you and your family! When traveling around the world, it’s very important to plan ahead, so these crucial...

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