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Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Julia W., Editor June 3, 2022

    An average day of a human fills to the brim with varying emotions. Whether it is frustration when the barista gets a coffee order wrong, happiness when meetings with friends, or sadness after failing...

A mouse being experimented on

Is Animal Testing Okay?

Isabella H, Reporter May 31, 2022

        Using animals in research and assessing the safety of products has been a source of passionate discussion for decades. Biomedical research and product safety testing account for 60% of...

A picture of the yeti crab, whose fur allows them to eat food.

Deep-Sea Adaptations

Brian C., Reporter May 9, 2022

Under the ocean, there are many strange creatures with weird adaptations. However, if someone were to dive deep into the darkest depths of the ocean, they’ll find even more extraordinary adaptations. One...

A group of pandas, whose species is sadly endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.

What animals are going extinct?

Enrique R., Reporter April 19, 2022

Many animals are already extinct, but what about the ones currently going extinct? There are around 8 million species of animals, but approximately 15 thousand species are heading toward extinction. Although...

A group of polar bears cuddling together on the frozen ice.

Polar Bears Take Over Abandoned Soviet Buildings

Isaac Y., Reporter March 21, 2022

If people thought animals couldn’t take over buildings like they do in movies, how can one explain this? Right now, polar bears have taken over abandoned buildings of a former arctic weather station...

An image of the sarcastic fringehead, a fish with a distinct name and face.

Evolutionary Oddities

Brian C., Reporter March 15, 2022

Evolution is what allowed for the creation of the animals people see around them today- each one unique, different in its own way. Along the way, some oddities came around. Many interesting creatures with...

Service dog in uniform

Do Animals Actually Help to Reduce Stress?

Isaac Y., Reporter March 11, 2022

Stress is a major problem in people's lives today and it is caused by a number of factors. Stress can cause a lot of serious health problems such as depression and anxiety. To reduce or prevent stress,...

Sharks: Friend or Foe?

Sharks: Friend or Foe?

Nisha A., Editor February 8, 2022

Shark movies, video games, and tv shows often promote the “shark image” in a false way. Movies like Jaws make it seem like humans are a shark’s favorite meal. That’s far from the truth in reality....

Mr. Wolf tries to be good and turn the others good as well.

The Bad Guys 2022 Film

Pedro G., Reporter January 26, 2022

The Bad Guys is a book series written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey. Anyone who loves funny, entertaining, and silly books will also love The Bad Guys. For every single person who is familiar with and...

Title logo of The Lion King

The Best Disney Movie of all Time

Nisha A., Editor December 13, 2021

Lions who rule the animal kingdom, and animals who obey and dare not question the lion rule. The Lion King is the best and most popular Disney movie so far. The Lion King was released on June 24, 1994,...

A black dragon fish

The Deep Dark Depths

Brian C., Reporter November 4, 2021

 The deep oceans. What hides beneath the waves? What mysteries are left to uncover in the depths? Humans know more about the moon than about the deep sea, and deep down are fascinating creatures that...

Millions of Rodents Descend on Eastern Australia

Millions of Rodents Descend on Eastern Australia

Lucas H., Editor June 8, 2021

After COVID-19 is finally beginning to settle down, Australia is now meeting a new type of plague. Residents are now calling it the mouse plague! Several millions of rodents are going on a rampage across...

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