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The queen bee spends the majority of her time laying eggs and being pampered by the other bees.

The Life of a Queen Bee

Alexander M., Reporter May 9, 2022

The queen bee is an essential part of a hive. A queen bee’s life is interesting and fascinating. After a queen bee gets old and cannot produce any more eggs, worker bees start their duty in making a...

Kitefin Shark

Glow in the Dark Shark?!

Dorian D., Reporter April 29, 2021

Scientists have recently discovered a shark that can glow. These glowing sharks were found off the coast of New Zealand in the area of the ocean called Chatham Rise, and while it sounds like a city in...

Pumpkins have been an iconic symbol of Halloween with many kids using pumpkin themed buckets to hold candy in.

Why Fake Spider Webs Aren’t Such a Good Idea

Samuel T., Reporter November 21, 2019

Halloween is a truly fabulous holiday, and with awesome and creative costumes, loads of candy, as well as the amazing Halloween decorations for houses. Some popular decorations include fake spiders, tombstone...

Is it Wrong to Use Animals in Zoos and Circuses?

Is it Wrong to Use Animals in Zoos and Circuses?

Reese M., Reporter May 22, 2019

For centuries, people have been abusing the rights of animals in zoos and circuses. Performers have been keeping innocent animals in captivity and forcing them to do stuff for entertainment. Zoos and Circuses...

Animals on Instagram

Animals with Instagram Accounts

Allen E. December 19, 2018

Many people of this generation have downloaded the popular social media app, Instagram. Most use it to update people on their life by showing pictures of where they are or posting messages that describe...

The tree pangolin is one cute and fascinating animal!

The Tree Pangolin!

Allison M., Reporter May 8, 2017

Most people think that mammals only have fur or hair, but they can also have scales. Tree pangolins are the only mammals on Earth that have them. There are eight pangolin species, with the tree pangolin...

Parrots love many things, including opium, apparently.

Opium Addict Parrots Ravage Poppy Fields For Their Choice Drug

Daisy K., Editor April 19, 2017

We’ve all heard of the amazing things parrots can do - whether it can be bad or good, it’s always guaranteed to rouse a laugh out of anyone who hears it! Of course, the most famous feat parrots have...

Top 5 Most Paid Animal Actors

Top 5 Most Paid Animal Actors

Ellen K., Reporter January 4, 2017

People all over the world are interested about the lavish lives of celebrities, particularly animals. This is a list of the top five animal actors with the biggest paychecks that will make anyone envious.   5)...

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