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The Unexpected Savior of the Koalas

A dog waiting for its food so it could be ready to save those animals in danger.

Ethan Y., Editor

January 27, 2020

Australia, which is in the middle of their summer, has been burning for several months. These fires not only have been destroying the environment but also have been killing around half a billion animals that resided in the wildlife. Several species of animals, mainly the koalas, are now at risk of enda...

Australia Declares War On Cats

Cat in a garage sitting on the floor of it.

Ethan Y., Editor

December 17, 2019

Cats are usually depicted as cute, fluffy, small animals, and overall look innocent no matter what the case is. However, feral cats are the number one enemy for Australia due to the fact they are predators to many of the native species residing in this place. Since 2015, the government has been working ...

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