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Student Spotlight - Ali S.

Student Spotlight – Ali S.

Miranda C., Reporter February 1, 2021

Ali S. is a 12-year-old 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School.  Before she came to Kraemer she attended Morse Elementary School.  Even though Ali is new to Kraemer, she still has many friends.  Some friends...

Student Spotlight - Aliyah B.

Student Spotlight – Aliyah B.

Kailani C., Reporter February 1, 2021

Aliyah B.  is currently a 7th-grade student attending Kramer Middle School. For 7th grade, she chose to have PEER Leadership and AVID for her two electives. Next year, she would like to continue in leadership...

Student Spotlight - Annette B.

Student Spotlight – Annette B.

Sahana G., Editor February 1, 2021

Annette B. is a student currently attending Kraemer Middle School. She is in the eighth grade and is 13 years old. Her family includes her mom, dad, younger brother, Joshua, and her dog, Roma. She was...

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