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School Food

School Food

Brian C., Reporter February 22, 2022

Food is essential to everything, and because of COVID, Kraemer is serving hot lunch free. This means that anyone can get a hot lunch any day (unless they're out). There is the main lunch line and the snack...

Student Spotlight: Rachel G.

Yirehm S., Reporter January 23, 2022

Rachel is an 8th grade student in Kraemer Middle School. Rachel also likes to go by Kengi or Ken. She is 14 years old, her birthday is on December 3rd. Rachel has 8 other siblings; seven brothers and one...

Student Spotlight - Naina B.

Student Spotlight – Naina B.

Prisha D., Editor June 7, 2021

She is a friend, baker, artist, sister, daughter, and classmate. She is one of the sweetest people ever and is always ready to help others out. This 8th grader is intelligent, talented, and a hard worker...

Events of the Week

Events of the Week

Yamini V., Editor May 11, 2021

As many students are returning to the school’s campus for the fourth quarter, the week in Kraemer is more exciting.  The school’s ASB and staff members have been hard at work trying to make student’s...

New Changes in Cohorts

New Changes in Cohorts

Annette B., Editor May 11, 2021

Quarter 4 has brought on a plethora of changes. For one, Kraemer will be opening its doors to even more students. In addition, the six feet apart rule has been reduced to only three feet inside of classrooms....

Womens History Event

Women’s History Event

Yamini V., Editor April 26, 2021

Women’s History Month is a month of celebrating women, and KMS didn’t let it go unnoticed. KMS has made a Women’s History Month competition to honor the women in history and in students' lives.  The...

Combining Cohort A and B

Combining Cohort A and B

Agnes L., Editor April 26, 2021

Ever since school started in 2020, students have appealed to the idea of finally being able to attend school, no matter how few the amount of days it is. Students were divided into three different groups:...

Student Spotlight - Leslie P.

Student Spotlight – Leslie P.

Kailani C., Reporter April 12, 2021

Leslie P is a 7th-grade student attending Kraemer Middle School. For her electives this year, she has Avid and Art. But for 8th grade, she wants to have Japanese, and she also wants to continue to take...

Student Spotlight – Irene K.

Agnes L., Editor March 16, 2021

Irene K. is a 7th-Grader from Woodsboro. She lives with her mom, dad, and her brother, twin brother Jesse. At Kraemer, her electives are Advanced Orchestra and Science Olympiad. Her favorite subject is...

Best Books in the Library

Best Books in the Library

Annette B., Editor March 16, 2021

The Kraemer Library is a popular spot for students during breaks or lunch. It boasts a large collection of computers, several tables where students can sit and study together, armchairs for reading, a...

Black History Month

Black History Month

Kailani C., Reporter March 1, 2021

Black History Month is a yearly celebration of African Americans' achievements and a time to recognize their central role in U.S. history. Black history month was also known as African American History...

Student Spotlight - Giulia D.

Student Spotlight – Giulia D.

Agnes L., Editor March 1, 2021

Giulia D. is a seventh-grader at Kraemer who is in the GATE program. Her electives are Spanish and Speech & Drama. She likes Spanish because learning languages is interesting and enjoyable for her....

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