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Sean P.
In first period Newspaper, at Kraemer Middle School, held in room 703, sits a twelve-year-old kid named Sean. There's nothing special or extraordinary about Sean, other than the following information, so hold your horses( or your ears ), and maybe learn a thing or two about Sean P. In sixth grade, Sean was held prisoner at Golden elementary; commonly known as a GATE magnet school. Sean wasn't in GATE, until he tested in September of 2016! Sean happens to be one of four children. Unfortunately, he has to share every birthday of his life with his twin sister, who attends Tuffree Middle school. Sean, plays football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and hockey. He likes writing and history. His favorite pastimes include fantasy football and reading.

Sean P., Co-Editor - Sports

Oct 12, 2017
From Oakland to Las Vegas (Story)
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Sean P.